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Whole House Filter

A whole house filter is a point-of-entry filter system. It filters the water throughout the entire home as opposed to a point-of-use filter which just filters water at one faucet. They are installed where the municipal water supply enters the home or close to the well for well water applications. There are different types of filters available that address many different water concerns. Carbon fiters can remove a wide range of contaminants while specialty filters such as Iron filters are designed to address a specific concern.

Whole House Iron Filter

A whole house iron filter is a specialty filter designed to remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from your homes water. While these substances don’t present a health problem, they can cause foul tastes, odors, colors, and staining. Iron and manganese can also build up in pipes and appliances.

Traditional iron filters use a bed of greensand to adsorb the iron and manganese. These units need to regenerate using chemicals such as potassium permanganate.

The new Soft and Pure Iron Filter uses natural oxidation to remove iron and sulfur from your water supply without the need for harsh chemicals. This system works by adding oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a “bubble” of compressed air captured in the top of the media tank. The O2 charged water is then passed through the special filtration media, removing the iron, sulfur, and manganese.