water softener treatment

Salt Free Softener

The new Soft and Pure Salt Free System eliminates the problems associated with hard water while retaining the health benefits.

Unlike traditional water softeners that replace hardness minerals with salt, this new system utilizes a catalyst to transform the minerals into nanoscopic crystals. These crystals won’t stick and form scale on your pipes, appliances, and shower doors.

Your drinking water will retain the health benefits of “Mineral Water” without the negative effects of added sodium.

System Includes:

  • Mineral Tank
  • Anti-Scale Media
  • Non-Electric Valve Unit
  • Complete System – Ready to Install


  • No Salt
  • No Scale
  • No Electricity
  • No Wasted Water
  • No Maintenance
  • No Brine Discharge
  • Environmentally Friendly Design

Our Tank-In-Tank System is a significant advancement in water treatment technology that enables us to build a tank inside a larger tank creating two separate chambers for filtration media.

Main Tank contains two (2) cubic feet of high quality Coconut Shell carbon to remove: Chlorine • Tastes • Odors Organic compounds (THM's) Synthetic organic (pesticides, detergents & hydrocarbons)

Inner Tank contains four (4) liters ScaleNet Anti-scale media to prevent and/or eliminate scale without the use of chemicals, salt or wasted backwash water.

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