water softener treatment


In order for your water conditioning system to continue operating properly, it will need to be maintained on a regular basis. Annual maintenance performed by a trained technician can not only keep your system running at peak efficiency, but can also help avoid costly repairs. A well maintained water conditioning system can provide you with many years of trouble free operation.

Water softeners and backwash filters should have their timers and valve units inspected for proper operation. Many models have injectors, injector screens, and flow controls that need to be cleaned once a year. Water softener resin should also be periodically inspected for degradation or fouling and should be replaced if necessary.

Under counter filters and reverse osmosis systems will need to have their filters changed at least once a year. Dirty, clogged filters can result in loss of water pressure, reduced water quality, and shortened membrane life. RO membranes can last for many years. They should be tested with a TDS meter and only be replaced when no longer effective.

Soft and Pure Water Conditioning provides water softener and filter maintenance for customers located in our service areas. Our service areas are located throughout the Tampa Bay area of Florida and include the following communities: St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Tampa, Lutz, Brandon, Valrico, Plant City, Holiday, New Port Richey, Hudson, Spring Hill, Brooksville, Lakeland, and more.

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