water softener treatment

Benefits of Soft and Pure Water

It’s no secret that tap water can contain a multitude of unwanted chemicals, bacteria and microorganisms. However, by treating the water in your entire home with a state-of-the-art, whole-house water filtration system and water softener, the benefits are extremely rewarding. Not just limited to superb drinking water, your entire household will run more smoothly when there is a plentiful supply of soft, conditioned water available.
Here are some of the advantages you will experience with a water conditioning system for your home.

You will save money.

Because smaller quantities of detergents are needed with soft water, you will save money by buying fewer laundry additives. Conditioned soft water also prevents pipe-clogging lime scale from forming, so you will save on plumbing costs. Additionally, studies have shown that clothing washed in soft water will last up to 30% longer, saving you on clothing costs.

You will feel better.

Conditioned water cleans the pores in your skin and will rinse away soap residue that causes irritation and redness. Your complexion will glow, and even shaving will become an easier task. Soft water floods away soap and dirt films,leaving your hair extra clean, silky soft, and manageable. Your clothes will also look whiter and brighter because conditioned water eliminates the soap build-up that clings to clothes, rinsing away the soil and impurities that make clothes looks dull and dingy.

Your life will be more efficient.

With conditioned water, there’s no dull sticky film or water spots left on dishes and glassware-washing dishes has never been easier! Soft water also floats away dirt and grime in the home, making dozens of cleaning chores easier. Sinks, tubs, and fixtures are easy to clean and dry without streaking.
Additionally, even the food you eat and drink will look and taste better. The natural flavor of food is retained with conditioned water because hard water minerals are not cooked in.